I am an independent journalist working in Los Santos. I break stories that the mainstream media won’t touch through my network of dedicated reporters. Our radio station is heard by more than one million global listeners via the internet and we publish unbiased, informative articles weekly.

The San Andreas Alternative News team needs you, the people, to stand up and be heard. Together we can uncover that which our governments hide from us. Don’t let the truth become obscured from view; force the truth out into the open for all to see.



  1. Here at the LSBA we value talented individuals such as yourself. At the LSBA we strive to keep the citizens of Los Santos informed about new businesses, business closures/bankruptcy, change of ownership, etc. We believe that your writing skills would make a good addition to our team and would like to form a partnership with you and your website. If you are interested, please let us know ASAP.

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