Los Santos Crimewave Hits New High

Crime in Los Santos has reached an all-time high this year as civilians face unprecedented levels of fear and misery.

Crime 5

According to figures reviewed by the Los Santos Police Department, reports of theft, assault, homicide and drug trafficking have all increased significantly in the last six months alone. This has alarmed some economists who warn that global economic and social collapse is imminent.


Crime 1Factory worker beats colleague into coma following heated sports team argument.


But some say otherwise. Mayoral candidate Sue Murry released a statement this week insisting that the high crime rate is a direct result of “slack, demotivated, poorly trained police officers”. Her solution? More cops.

“I think it’s important to understand that these officers are dealing with criminals who are armed terrorists. These criminals are active and vehemently refuse to obey martial law and therefore we must exterminate them for the safety of the American public.”


Crime 4

Drug deals taking place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the ghettos of Los Santos.


New legislation is currently being written to enforce police officers with advanced weaponry and extensive anti-terrorist training. The bill, if passed, will see cops holding the power to shut down entire neighbourhoods and perform random house-to-house searches without a warrant or due cause.



In the meantime, petty theft and drug deals will remain rife in Los Santos while the police force focus their attention on terrorist gangs and multi-millionaire criminals.

Crime 2Poorly paid migrant worker resorts to breaking into cars to feed his family of twelve across the border.

As the government prepares for martial law, banks and insurance companies tighten their security after an anonymous phone call announced that “many heists are coming, no corporations will be safe and not a penny will remain in your vaults” during the San Andreas Alternative News ‘Call-In’ segment this Wednesday. Is this a warning of things to come or simply a prank call designed to strike fear into the minds of seemingly fearless billionaires? Stay tuned in to SA:AN to find out.



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