Month: May 2014

Tattooist Fears Evil Lizard People

A passionate and well known tattooist in the Blaine County region of San Andreas has been stood on a chair in his tattoo parlour for three days straight.


Lizard 1


Dwayne Morcombe, who has tattooed a wide range of people including gangsters, bikers, businessmen and hicks, claims that he saw an “infant lizard man” crawl across the floor of his parlour. He spoke to our Blaine County correspondent Perry Wellows.

“I was sticking some new designs up on the walls when I saw a shape out of the corner of my eye. I turned and saw a little green lizard boy with sharp fangs and scaly skin. He looked like a baby and he stared right into my eyes. He hissed at me and that’s when I jumped up on a chair.”


Lizard 2


When we asked Dwayne how long he’d been stood there, we were surprised to learn that it was almost three days.

“I’ve been here since Monday morning, man. I’ve been peeing in my needle cleaner bottles and humming the Simpsons theme tune to stay sane. That thing is still in here somewhere, I can feel it.”


Although we could not confirm any official sightings of the apparent lizard creature, our team was able to speak to Dwayne’s mother who lives in Blaine County not far from his parlour. She had this to say:

“I kicked him out. The meth habit was too much for me to handle. He would come home at five in the morning wearing animal costumes soaked in urine and blood. I don’t want anything to do with him, he’s no son of mine!”


Lizard 3


We offered to help Dwayne get down from his chair and medical professionals were outside monitoring the situation. He currently refuses to move through fear of being eaten by reptilians. As we prepared to leave, Dwayne had one last message he wanted to share with the people of San Andreas.

“I’ve seen them, they’re out there. And they’re getting braver. Don’t think that you’re safe. Get up high, live in a top story apartment. They don’t like climbing, they told me so in a dream one night. They want to consume human flesh and blood, it’s a delicacy to them!”


This is San Andreas Alternative News. Don’t let the lizard people bite your ankles, and try to sleep peacefully.


Ammunation Special: Gun Love

Gun sales sky rocket as a new wave of personal liberty hits San Andreas. Citizens are more vocal about the second amendment than ever before.


Ammunation 1


Thousands of regular citizens flock to local Ammunation stores intent on gearing up and protecting their right to freedom. Out of the dozens of Ammunation stores across the county, the one that has seen the biggest rise in gun interest is right in the heart of Los Santos.

I personally visited a couple of Ammunation stores and got the lowdown from proud gun dealers who want to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to learn how to use a firearm.


Ammunation 2


Jack Dickson, 49 year old professional marksman, hunter and rifle enthusiast, owns and runs the most successful Ammunation store in San Andreas. He had plenty to say:

“People need to know that guns are not scary, you know? They ain’t these big dangerous tools of death, they won’t directly attack anyone. There’s some crazy myth that guns just open fire and shoot the moment you pick one up! It don’t make you a criminal to hold a gun, it’s what you do with it that defines who you are.”


Ammunation 3


“I sell everything from shotguns to assault rifles to high-powered long distance snipers. Hell, we even have little dinky pistols for the ladies who want something discreet that can be tucked away in a handbag. Those snub pistols are real popular lately too, I sell maybe five of those every single day. The ladies love it, they feel empowered by it.”

“You ever tried cheatin’ on a woman who owns a gun and knows how to fire it? I have. My ex-wife shot off one of my testicles when she found me in bed with one of the dead deer I brought home. It weren’t no sexual thing, I was admiring my hunting prowess by stroking my trophy and that trophy happened to be an animal’s corpse.”


Ammunation 4


“If you wanna drop in and chat about guns or learn more about firearm safety, feel free. Anyone is welcome here, and I mean anyone. Except cops, I have a strict no-law-enforcement policy. And don’t think you can walk in out of uniform ’cause I’ll smell the cop in you. I have a perfectly trained nose for scents.”

I got a coffee with Jack and we sat down together to discuss the more… advanced weaponry on sale.


Ammunation 5


“Now, this here is the M134 Minigun. This baby will take down a helicopter in six seconds flat. It ain’t so popular in here, it costs a lot and it’s real heavy. But for those who do buy it, they turn themselves into a one man army. You see those Terminator films? This is the gun you’ll be wanting to emulate that.”

I also visited an Ammunation close to my apartment and spoke to Roger Pickles, a former Navy Seal who is slightly more cop-friendly than Jack.


Ammunation 6


“I deal with off duty cops on a daily basis. They come in here complaining that the firearms they’re allowed to take home with them after work aren’t man enough. You know, those law enforcement pistols and shotguns, they’re standard issue but they don’t have automatic or long range capabilities. The good old AK47 is popular with these guys.”

“I had one cop come in and say his ‘dog’ was getting old and needed to be humanely put down. So he buys a classic AK47 and he’s out the door fast. The next thing I hear on the news, an off duty cop has lost his marbles and shot dead his entire family. Nothing to do with me, I say.”


Ammunation 7


Sales of explosives have also been on the rise. Sticky bombs in particular, which are remote-detonated C4 plastic explosives, are in such high demand that they regularly sell out and have to be restocked by the truckload.

“If you want the power to defend yourself, your family and your home, come on over to Ammunation. For $35 I’ll issue you a firearm safety certificate and from there we can begin training you up. I’ll have you hitting between the eyes from sixty feet away in less than three hours and that’s a guarantee!”

“Gang bangers use rusty old SMGs and shotguns that jam up after three shots. Stay ahead of the urban competition and buy only the most reliable, dominant weapons available. They’re cheap, they’re built to last and they’re American. The second amendment is here to stay!”



Ammunation 8


Take it from me, in a town like Los Santos where police brutality and gang warfare are tearing up the streets, you’re going to want to head to your nearest Ammunation and gear up. I’m a proud gun owner and hold an advanced marksmanship license sponsored by Roger at his Ammunation store.

Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other over the counter. We can discuss the advantages of hollow point bullets and compare rifles. This has been an Ammunation special brought to you by San Andreas Alternative News. Stay vigilant and armed.