24/7 Convenience Store Robberies At All-Time High

A chain of 24/7 convenience stores and gas stations are being hit by the biggest surge in criminal activity since the early 90s, it has been reported.


The stores, which offer cheap fast food, alcohol and cigarettes amongst other items, were said to be making big profits in the last quarter of 2013. But in 2014 they have been repeatedly robbed and ransacked by various gangs in San Andreas.

Robert Whackson, a journalist for SA:AN, visited a 24/7 store in central Los Santos. He spoke to store manager and devoted 24/7 employee Lee Sung-Pao about his recent run-ins with dangerous gangsters.


“Every night I come to work and pray I will not be shot in the head. My brother was killed in the 24/7 across the street from this one last year and I fear for my safety. I only want to sell out of date donuts and cheap German beer, it is my dream”, he said.

He went on to talk about the low, low prices that his 24/7 store boasts and even offered Robert a discount card. “You buy an EgoChaser bar, you get half off the next one”, Lee insisted.


Talking specifically about the criminal activity, Lee explained that the gangsters who rob his store on a weekly basis are not at all the usual suspects. “These guys came in wearing monkey masks and bright jogging shorts. They had big guns, big shiny rifles and pointed them at my head. They screamed at me.”

“After I throw them the money in a bag, one of the men started to thrust his arms up and down while walking in circles. The other one drank four bottles of my reasonably priced beer and blacked out. Then I was knocked unconscious with a golf club.”


“Finally, the first man went to the ATM and deposited twelve dollars. I tell him ‘You can buy three EgoChaser bars with that’ and he leaves. Next thing I hear is a loud sports car outside.”

Mr. Lee, although shaken by these events, claims that working in convenience stores is his passion and he would rather die than give it up. While his brother’s life was taken, Mr. Lee refuses to let thugs stop him from living his dream.


“Redwood cigarettes a big seller in my store. I have the lowest prices in central Los Santos. Please visit, I need the money so my three daughters can afford to go to expensive American college and become lawyers.”

So, as you can see, Mr. Lee is a very passionate and brave man. Though crime in Los Santos is steadily rising, it seems some citizens really believe in their deluded ideas of working eighteen hours a day for multi-billion dollar corporations whilst staring down the barrel of a loaded gun seven days a week.


Good luck to you and your three daughters, Mr. Lee. We can only hope that you aren’t a pile of red goo on a 24/7 store floor this time next week. This is San Andreas Alternative News reminding you to watch your back when you go to buy a packet of smokes.





  1. that chop keeper who shot me by a shotgun when I tryed rob him, next time I’ll rob stores in Vice city instead!! >:o

  2. Since Chinanese has Bought LOGGER!! they are Critized Amaricans like WE Owe them a something!!


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